Different Types of Solar System Inverters by Kerala

In terms of solar panel, the inverter has important role so users should choose the highest quality inverter for best performance. In general, in the solar system Kerala, there are different types of inverters available to be chosen and installed. They are off grid inverter, on grid inverter and hybrid solar inverter. Each inverter type has different characteristics so it is important to figure out your need in order to choose the right inverter.

Let’s start with the off-grid inverters. This is an inverter particularly designed to be independent completely from any external energy supplies. Usually, this is an ideal inverter for the remote holiday houses or homes due to the fact that this inverter is perfect when it comes to saving the users from any outrageous grid connection charges. So, if you are planning to build a house or villa in remote areas, the off-grid inverters are definitely your first options.

The hybrid inverters on the other hand are different inverters. As the name suggest, this inverter can convert energy from both solar panels and existing continuous electricity power. It is usually a popular option for houses located in the city or suburban areas with access to the continuous electricity power provided by government or private companies. In case the sun availability is reduced, this inverter can still work and transfer enough electricity.

On grid inverters are other inverters, different ones. This is a completely dependent inverter on grid connection. It has its own operating way. Solar system using this inverter feed the grid with generated solar energy to allow the users to benefit from the reduced electricity bill. However, under the circumstance of downed grid supply, this inverter does not offer assurance against any grid failure. In other words, this inverter does have its flaw despite its great advantages.